Medical Mould


Plastic Medical product are very common in the market. including laboratory supplies and medical devices plastic parts . The most commonly developed moulds include test tube mold, pipette tip mould, petri dish mould, centrifuge tube mould, plastic dentist box mold, medicine cup mould etc.

Product design

We use advanced technologies and experienced industry engineer and professionals to manufacture superior quality molds for medical products. We offer excellent product designs, improved production efficiency to ensure our customers to be the most competitive.

Mould steel

For most medical moulds we use S136 or H13 steel depending on the production requirements and material type.

Mould size

In order to ensure the mould can be ideally run in the injection machine we need to measure the article size. Increasing the cavities for some small parts and running them on a larger machine can be a good option however several factors need to be considered. The mould structure and future molding cycles are calculated by our engineers and offer in the quote as required.

Mould design

Injection moulds requires high quality steel, excellent cooling systems and high quality spares to increase the mould life. We take a fully consideration to analyze the structure plates, ejection system, hot runner or cold runner, avoiding ejection marks, measuring thickness and placement of the cooling lines for achieving great quality in household commodity moulds. Besides, the products are made of Polystyrene and require very good surface polishing.


The hardness of the molds should be at least 45 - 50 HRC.

Mould delivery

Depending on the complexity and type of product we can promise the fastest delivery possible from our end.

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