Medical mould

Medical mouldMedical (disposable) mould, Laboratory consumables mould
In the laboratory disposable plastic products are relatively common applications,such as test tube, petri dish, measuring cup,centrifuge tubes etc. Micon Mould has many years of experience in pharmaceutical laboratory (consumables) mold manufacturing.
Test tubes, petri dishes and colorimetric cup are mostly made of PS plastics and those items have high concentricity requirments. As we know PS material products can easily get scratches, so it needs supreme grade polishing. Micon Mould uses mirror steel and has artificial polishing to ensure high polish and reduce the scratches.
As for medical mold(consumables), the mould dimension should be controlled in precision. For such product, we always use high speed milling machine and some other high precision tooling machine to tool it, the dimension tolerance controlled in 0.02mm.
To make a high quality medical mold(disposable), we need choose the suitable steel material for the medical mold. The common steels we apply into the medical molds are S136, NAK80, H13, with HRC 45-50. Then the molds can have a mold life from 3 million shots or running for 3-5 years continuously.