Industrial mould

Industrial mouldIndustrial Mould, Pallet Mould, Dustbin Mould
Injection molding is a common manufacturing technique used to make the vast majority of plastic products on the market today. Traditional CNC machined metal molds have prohibitively high costs and long lead times for low-volume production, even though they are perfect for large-scale production needs. The plastic in the injection machine is melted by heating bands, and the molten metal or molten plastic is transported into the mold cavity, where it cools and solidifies to match the mold’s shape. Cooling lines that circulate water or oil from an external temperature controller aid in reducing the cooling time. Mold tools are installed on plate molds, which open once the material has solidified and removed the item from the mold using ejector pins. The industrial molds that made by Micon are mostly used in pallet, dustbin and so on. Micon designs and develops product according the requirements of customers. Single cavity or two cavities according the specifications of the product and injection molding machine.