Household mould

Household mouldHousehold Mould, Houseware Mould
Nowadays, plastic daily products are seen everywhere. With the increasing number of the plastic daily products, household mould is also becoming more and more popular. Micon Mould can develop almost any mould in the house ware plastics category. The most commonly developed moulds include laundry basket mould, basin mould, kitchenware mould, sanitaryware mould, dustbin mould, mop bucket mould, plastic furniture mould etc. With the changing nature of products we offer excellent product designs with reduced weights to ensure our customers to be the most competitive and thus become leaders in the House ware market. most commodity moulds we suggest P20, 718 steel or H13 steel depending on the production requirements and material type. Optimal quality cooling systems and quality spares to increase the life of the molds. We consider basic principles in mould technology such as analysing the structure plates, ejection system, requirement of hot runner or cold runner, avoiding ejection marks, measuring thickness and placement of the cooling lines for achieving great quality in house ware moulds.