Crate mould

Crate mouldcrate mould, spare parts box mould, storage box mould
Plastic crates are widely used in factory production workshops, warehousing, logistics and other fileds.Solid durable favored by various sectors.
Mold Structure
A high-quality mold structure is a premise for a qualified mold before manufacturing.We attach great importance to analyze mold structure, including demolding draft angle, the epitome of product surface, gating system design, exhaust design, cooling system design etc.The main problems that may easily occur will through trial and error during the mold structure design.
Mold Steel
Common mold steel: P20, 2738, 718, 718H, NAK80, H13,etc. P20 generally used; 718 used for inserts to make product suface to achieve a certain smooth finish. Of course you can use other steels.As long as the steel hardened by right hardening treatment, the mold life will be extened to a large extent. For the sliders, we use nitriding before shipping.
Mold Cooling System
Cooling system design is a relatively cumbersome work, namely to consider the uniformity of the cooling and the cooling effect, also the impact brings to the overall mold structure, determining the exact location and size of the cooling system; and cooling for key positions such as moving plate or the inserts, side sliders as well as side cores; standard cooling element design and the selection of the cooling standard components. Micon plastic mould analyzes all series of factors when begin to start the mold design. The mold has recycled water to flow in every part of it which reduces the cooling time, improves the production efficiency and greatly reduces products costs.