Which steel is better for making PET plastic molds?

Dec. 15, 2023 1034

What is PET plastic mold?

A PET plastic mold is a mold used to produce PET bottles, which are widely used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries. PET plastic molds are used by injection molding machine, which heats up, melts and injects PET particles into the molds, and then cools them quickly to form PET bottles.

Because PET particles have the characteristics of high temperature, high pressure and high speed, the pet plastic mold needs to use high quality steel to ensure its service life and molding effect. The following will introduce several kinds of steel commonly used in the production of PET plastic mold.

1. S136 stainless steel

S136 stainless steel is a high-quality steel with high hardness, high corrosion resistance and high wear resistance. It has a wide range of applications in PET injection molding, especially for the production of highly transparent PET bottles.

Pet plastic molds made of S136 stainless steel have the following advantages:

High hardness can improve the service life of the mold;

Corrosion resistance can avoid mold rust and corrosion;

High transparency can produce PET bottles with high transparency.

However, there is high difficulty in making S136 stainless steel molds and the cost is expensive. Therefore, you need to consider according to your needs and actual situation when choosing steel.

2. P20 steel

P20 steel is general-purpose steel that is a more common choice for making pet plastic molds. It has high strength, high toughness and good processing performance, production difficulty is relatively low, and the price is more moderate.

PET plastic molds made of P20 steel have the following advantages:

Reasonable price and relatively low cost;

Good machinability and low production difficulty;

High toughness can improve the service life of the mold.

However, compared to S136 stainless steel, P20 steel is slightly less resistant to wear and corrosion and requires regular maintenance and care.

3. 2316 steel

2316 stainless steel is high-end steel with relatively high price, which is used to make PET plastic molds need to have a high level of technology. It has excellent wear resistance and excellent surface quality, suitable for producing PET bottles with high requirements.

PET plastic molds made of 2316 stainless steel have the following advantages:

High abrasion resistance and long service life;

Good surface quality can produce high quality PET bottles;

However, 2316 stainless steel is difficult to produce, requires a high level of technology, and is more expensive.

If you produce PET bottles with high transparency, you can choose S136 stainless steel; if you have requirements for cost and production difficulty, you can choose P20 steel; if you require high wear resistance and high surface quality, you can choose 2316 stainless steel.