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May. 23, 2022

With the rapid development and popularization of takeout industry, there is an increasing demand for disposable packaging products. How to reduce costs is the key. Micon Mould helps you solve this problem. Multi cavity, thin wall and high speed, we will meet your needs.

Because of its thin wall thickness, light product, high output and short turnover period, the requirements for mould manufacturing are very high. The mold locking structure should be reasonable, the concentricity of the product should be high, no eccentricity or dislocation, and the waterway design should be reasonable, so as to reduce the forming cycle. The output can reach 5-8 seconds per shot, multi cavities, the draft angle should be reasonable to prevent ejection deformation and mold sticking, and the locking structure of the mould is much more

Micon Mould is one of the thin wall mold leading suppliers in China, we have been specializing in the field of thin wall container mold for over many years.

Our advantages :

1. S136 or 2344 steel is used, HRC 45-48, which can withstand the production environment of high speed and high pressure and has a long service life of the mould;
2. Full hot runner system is adopted to effectively improve product molding quality and production efficiency;
3. Multi loop cooling system reduces the cooling time of plastics and shortens the production cycle;
4. The air valve is used to assist the ejection, and the ejection is uniform, so as to prevent the product from being broken, save the molding time and shorten the molding cycle;
5. The full-automatic production cycle can reach 5-8S;
6. Easy installation;
7. Longer mould life;

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