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Thin wall container mould manufacture

Jun. 07, 2022

Nowadays, most of us live in fast-paced life. When we order food or fruit to office, do you notice the package box? With low cost, sealing, convenience and variety of models, disposable food containers are widely used in the catering industry. Are you interested in how to manufacture the thin wall container mould?

As a thin wall container mould manufacturer, Micon Mould make more than 100 sets of food container moulds annually. For the thin-wall container mould, we could make multi-cavity with self-lock mould structure, which is easier for mould daily maintenance and high production capacity. We have the experience for 2 cavity, 4 cavity and 8 cavity thin wall container mould.

For steel material we suggest use 2344 or other good steel material with CuBe for fast cooling. Using S136 stainless steel material, vacuum quenching and twice tooling process, the thin wall mould core and cavity hardness could reach to HRC45-48, it is suitable for long time fast running. We use high speed milling machine for the mould tooling, the dimension could control well within 0.05mm. With accuracy dimensions and reasonable structure, which could make sure the whole line running smoothly.

We use high-speed injection moulding machine test mould, the machine configures with accumulator, it could realize 250-350mm/s injection speed. With thin wall container mould and high speed injection moulding machines, the cycle time could get 6s for 4 cavity 500ml container moulding line.

If you have new plan for setup the high speed thin wall container production line, please do not hesitate to contact us, we could offer you complete thin wall container solution and technology support.

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