Strategies to improve the efficiency of plastic mold design

Jan. 27, 2024 1059

To improve the design effect of plastic mold, designers need to continue to innovate the concept and change the design method, multi-dimensional consideration to the design effect of the factors affected by the design of plastic mold design problems often occur in the continuous analysis, thinking and figuring out, put forward scientific and reasonable prevention and control of low results of the plastic mold design strategy, for the improvement of the design effect of the plastic mold, the quality of the plastic mold to ensure a solid foundation for the production of molds and molds for the relevant enterprises to provide qualified, high-quality plastic molds.

The collection of materials should be done well before design.

Before the design and production of plastic molds, designers need to do a good job of material collection before design in order to understand in detail the data and information related to plastic molds. For example, precautions in the design process, the size of the cavity, the operation methods and techniques of the injection molding machine, factors affecting the design of the plastic mold will lead to the final shape of the plastic is affected, the designer's thinking should be meticulous, comprehensive, multi-faceted consideration of the above factors, and should be avoided to design problems to minimize the error to improve the efficiency of the design of plastic molds.

Tolerance labeling should be chosen according to the actual situation.

Plastic molds may be affected by tolerance marking, tolerance marking is different, the impact on the plastic mold is also different. Plastic molds with high precision require a high standard of tolerance marking. In order to meet the actual needs of customers, although the production process to a certain extent increases the difficulty, but also to be able to guarantee the size of the plastic mold. Plastic mold precision is low, the need for tolerance marking standards are also low, so that the design of the plastic mold dimensions to ensure that the error within the allowable range. In addition, but also all-round consideration of the coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage of the two aspects of the problem, according to the differences in the plastic mold material, selected design options to ensure that the final quality and accuracy of the mold to improve the design efficiency.

Effective use of computers and CAD design software.

With the rapid development of computer technology, many designs can be completed on the computer and the Internet. Therefore, designers can make reasonable use of computers and CAD drawing software to improve the design efficiency of plastic molds. Through the use of CAD drawing software, the exact size of the mold cavity can be calculated, which not only can greatly save the design time, but also improve the design efficiency to a large extent. In addition, with the help of professional CAD design software systems, designers can also more quickly and effectively modify the design drawings do not meet the conventional data information, and give the corresponding calculation results based on the provided coefficient of thermal expansion and shrinkage and so on.

When designing plastic molds, should consider the protection of plastic molds.

Multi-faceted consideration of how the plastic mold fails, such as plastic mold corrosion, wear or deformation. Therefore, designers should find a solution to the mold design problem beforehand, and under the precondition of cost saving, choose certain materials for plastic molds, such as plastics with good corrosion resistance, good abrasion resistance, or good compression resistance, which will not only improve the design efficiency to a large extent, but also make the plastic molds more durable.