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Plastic food container mould

Dec. 09, 2019

Thin-wall injection molding is widely used in food containers, medical boxes, cosmetics, stationery and even multimedia packaging. For example: disposable meal boxes, cosmetics bottles and other daily necessities. Thin-wall injection disposable lunch boxes are favored by more and more customers for their advantages such as hygiene, beautiful appearance, wide temperature difference range, no oil leakage, water leakage, and good pressure resistance.

We have rich experience in manufacturing high-quality thin-walled food container molds. The manufactured thin-walled food container molds can be applied to thin-walled food containers of different capacities, models and specifications, including rectangular, circular, and square; 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L ...

The thickness of the thin-walled food containers we manufacture varies according to the capacity, model, and specifications. The minimum wall thickness of the small container design is 0.31mm; the wall thickness of a 1-liter thin-walled food container is 0.5-0.6mm; and the wall thickness of a 2-liter thin-walled food container is 0.6-0.7mm.

Thin wall food container mold steel
The core and cavity steel of the thin-wall food container mold can use S136, DIN1.2316, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738 and H13.

Thin wall food container mold cycle
Inlaying copper beryllium on top of the core of the thin-walled food container mold can speed up the cooling rate and greatly reduce the cycle time. If in-mold labeling is required at the bottom of the container, it is recommended to insert copper beryllium at the gate position, so that in-mold labeling can be better molded on the product.
Thin-wall food container molds have 1 cavity, 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity ... according to your machine and production capacity requirements, we can recommend the most suitable cavity for you.

The thin-walled container mold has the following ejection methods:
1. Secondary ejection & side air & valve
2. Stripper plate & center ejection & side air & valve
3. Side air & Valve
4. Secondary ejection & exhaust ejection pin & side air
We will also recommend the best ejection method based on your machine and capacity requirements.

Thin-walled container molds need to consider wall thickness, weight, stackability, and tightness, so higher mold processing equipment is needed to control accuracy. We invested a lot of money to purchase high-precision mold processing equipment, including Italy's Fadia high-precision 3 + 2 axis CNC machine, Germany's DMG high-precision 5-axis CNC machine, and Japan's Shaddick mirror spark machine. The application of these devices will ensure that the thin-walled container molds have small dimensional tolerances and high precision, and make the thin-walled containers more uniform in wall thickness during injection molding.

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