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Plastic bucket mould cooling

May. 12, 2019

The design of the plastic bucket mould cooling system is a relatively complicated work. We need consider the cooling effect and the uniformity of the cooling, and the influence of the cooling system on the overall structure of the mold as well as the specific position and size of the cooling system. Such as the cooling for the movable plate and the important inserts, the cooling for the side slider and the side core, the design of the cooling element and the selection of the cooling standard components. Our company began to analyze these series of problems during bucket mould design. Our bucket mould uses circulating water to flow in every part of the mould, reducing the cooling time during injection molding, improving the production efficiency of the product and greatly reducing the production cost.
bucket mould
Our plastic bucket mold adopts the I-shaped structure, the cavity and core are 2738HH, the slider, the guide groove and the insert are 2316 or 718H, the guide post, the guide sleeve, the sprue sleeve, the pull rod and the reset rod With SKD standard parts, the formwork adopts a standard mold base. Corrosion resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity and hardness of good materials make polishing easier, saving production cycle, extending mold life, reducing maintenance and repair time, reducing the risk of cracking and increasing productivity.
bucket mould
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