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Petri dish mould manufacturer

Dec. 18, 2016

Micon Plastic Mould is petri dish mould manufacturer in China, petri dish is for medical using and lab using,it is very important to make it clean and transparent. our factory also make other medical using part moulds, such as testing tube moulds, centrifuge tube mould, medicine cup mould, kidney tray mould and so on.

Petri dishes most use PS plastic, because smooth and transparent with a container and a lid. Then we could inspection inner side reaction clearly. for recycle using, plastic petri dishes are more popular at present,it is good for environment protection.

Petri dishes have round and square, various sizes for different using, Diameter like 60mm, 70mm, 90mm,150mm and so on. Petri dishes have one lattice, two lattices, three lattices. because smooth and transparent, so it is a high requirement for petri dish moulds.

Petri dish moulds the gate choosing is very important, it would not affect the petri dish function and should be with good injection. The steel material for petri dish moulds must be very good, with mirror polishing and high hardness.

Micon Mould could give you better suggestion about petri dish mould making. We could make multi-cavity petri dish mould and other medical mould for you. If you have any interested in investing in medical using parts manufacturing, please feel free to contact me.

Petri dish mould manufacturer

Petri dish mould manufacturer

Petri dish mould manufacturer

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