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paint bucket mould and bucket cover mould specification introduction

Jul. 02, 2020

Micon specializes in the production of various plastic paint bucket molds. We have made lots of paint bucket molds in more than 20 years. We have rich manufacturing experience in the design and production of paint bucket molds, such as: round paint bucket molds, square paint bucket mould, oval paint bucket mould; capacity ranges from 1L, 3.6L, 18L to 20L, the following is the specifications of our paint bucket mould and paint bucket cover mould for your reference.

1. Mold core and cavity material: 1.2344 mold steel or H13 mold steel of HRC42-44.

2. The core and cavity edges are inlaid with copper beryllium, which can achieve the best cooling effect under high-speed injection.

3. Mold base material: Use standard mold base such as LKM.

4. Brand hot runner system comes with mold temperature controller, which can save materials and reduce cycle time.

5. The inductive shape switch can accurately control the ejection distance

6. The mold design has an excellent exhaust system.

7. The paint bucket mold has an in-mold labeling system.

The wall thickness of the paint bucket is uniform, and the leak test, stack test and drop test all meet the quality requirements. If you are looking for a high-quality paint bucket mold supplier, you can contact us immediately and send your drawings or 3D design drawings. We will use excellent design and manufacturing capabilities to satisfy you.

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