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Paint bucket mold process

Jun. 17, 2022

Micon Mould is professional in paint bucket molds, pail molds and barrel molds etc.

For the capability of the paint bucket molds, it could be from 5L to 25L. For the cavity, usually we can make 1 or 2 cavity. Most of the paint buckets with lid should be no leakage and have the anti-theft deisgn.

The beryllium copper on the core top and cavity neck lead to a very good cooling for the mold, and our latest deisgn for the core and cavity would prelong the mold life: the original paint bucket mold alignment and lock system is a round one, while we design an octagon step to have a better alignment and lock for the core and cavity, also which change would prelong the plastic paint bucket mold life.

. Paint bucket mold core & cavity steel: according to customer's require + Beryllium Copper.
. Plastic material: PP, HDPE.
. Cycle time: 20-25 S.
. Ejection: Air Poppet Valve.
. Hot runner system: Yudo / China made make.
. mold life span: 1 million.
. Delivery time: 45-55 days.
. Design Software: UG, CATIA, PROE, OUT CAD.

Micon Mould help you

A: You have had the product design (2D/3D drawing), please send to me the drawing.
B: You don't have the product design, we need the product information or send to me the product samples.

1, Tell me your mold requirements:
a. core and cavity steel.
b. cavity number.
c. selection of hot runner system.
d. mold life (choose suitable mould material based on it)
e. product material.
f. mold making time (in general, mould making time is 40~45 working days, if rush order, inform me, please).
2, Feedback and Quotation: we will reply you email within 24 hours and quote for you within 2 working days.
3, Mold shipment:
a. package for mold.
b. anti-rust oil, plastic film, Strong wooden box.
c. O Rings, ejector sping, cooling nipples, heater, hanging ring, etc.

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