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May. 19, 2020

In the current epidemic situation, medical protective materials are still in short supply. As a high-tech and innovative enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales, we have a complete medical goggles mold solution for medical goggles that are very scarce in prevention and control. To help medical manufacturers expand their production capacity.

While ensuring product quality, it also requires efficient production capacity, which is a test for the company's research and development capabilities. Our design and R & D team uses mirror polishing to protect the goggles in order to achieve high-efficiency protection, so that the injection-molded lenses are smoother, which is convenient for further processing, and can effectively prevent bacteria, droplets, and dust from reaching the eyes Invasion. At the same time, we manufacture 2 cavity and 4 cavity molds for customers to choose according to the production capacity requirements.

For the soft rubber edge of the goggles, the two-color injection molding technology is needed. Our PC injection molding machine is equipped with a two-color auxiliary shooting table, which can form the product at one time, and the production cost of a single product is lower, which saves the customer equipment investment costs and improves production efficiency.

goggles mould goggles mould

goggles mould goggles mould

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