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Injection mould guide pillars

May. 10, 2022

Injection molds normally use guide pillars, and there are as many as four. So what is the role of guide pillars in injection molds? What should we pay attention to when designing?

Usually, the four guide pillars used in the injection mold are located on the four corners, in order to balance the force of the mold. If the guide pillar is too close to the edge of the template, it will be very detrimental to the strength of the mold; but it cannot be too far from the edge, which will affect the distribution of other components.

So the distance from the center of the guide column to the edge of the template should be determined according to the situation. The larger the diameter of the guide column, the larger the distance from the center to the edge is. After such thoughtful consideration and reasonable design, the guide pillar can play its due role in the injection mold.

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