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Important notes for mould design

May. 30, 2022

With the promotion and application of plastic products in various fields, the requirements of plastic product molding on plastic molds are getting higher and higher. The quality of injection mold design directly affects the appearance and quality of the product. In the process of injection mold design, the following should be paid attention to:
1. The shape and wall thickness of the product should be considered to help the material flow to fill the cavity smoothly, and try to avoid sharp corners and gaps.
2. The demolding angle should be as large as possible on the basis of the allowable basis, 1°~2° for 15% glass fiber content, and 2°~3° for 30% glass fiber content. Forced demoulding should be avoided when demoulding angle is not allowed, can adopt a horizontal parting structure.
3. The section of the pouring system should be large, and the plastic flow should be straight and short, so as to facilitate the uniform dispersion of plastics.
4. The design of the feeding gate should consider factors such as insufficient filling, anisotropic deformation, uneven distribution of plastic, and easy to produce weld lines.
5. The mold core and cavity should have sufficient rigidity and strength.
6. The mold should be hardened, polished and wear-resistant steel, and the parts that are easy to wear should be easy to replace.
7. The ejector mechanism should be uniform and powerful, which is convenient for replacement.

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