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High-quality home appliance mould

Jul. 20, 2021

We have a professional mold design and R&D team. We are good at producing all kinds of home appliance molds, such as: air conditioner molds, refrigerator molds, washing machine molds, TV molds, etc., and have delivered a variety of high-quality products to top home appliance brands such as Siemens, Hitachi, etc.

Before manufacturing home appliance molds, we will conduct mold flow analysis to analyze in advance the problems that may occur in the injection molding process of home appliances, such as whether the plastic flows uniformly, the wall thickness is reasonable, whether there will be bubbles after the injection molding of home appliances, Some potential visual defects, such as microcosms, weld marks, etc., can be reasonably improved. The analysis categories include material, gate location, quantity and parting line analysis, key dimension confirmation, etc. By optimizing product and mold design in advance, unnecessary rework is avoided, saving time and financial costs.

Whether it is a large home appliance or a small home appliance, the precision of the molded plastic parts and the fit of the assembly of the parts are very important. Therefore, it is necessary to use high-precision mold processing to produce precision-assembled home appliance parts. Sino has a variety of high-precision The CNC machining center is used for home appliance injection mold processing, such as gantry CNC milling with a length and width of 4200*1800CM, and a depth of 600-800mm. It is suitable for processing and manufacturing various air-conditioning molds and washing machine molds. In addition, there should be no problems with the assembly of the mold, otherwise it will take more time and cost for further rework.

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