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Folding box mould

Aug. 02, 2021

Plastic folding boxes have a very wide range of applications in daily life and logistics turnover. More and more companies and individuals have begun to choose them to place or transport various items. We specialize in manufacturing various types of plastic folding box molds, including fruit turnover boxes, thin-walled turnover boxes, vegetable turnover boxes, bread turnover boxes, milk turnover boxes, bottle turnover boxes, etc.

Some key points when manufacturing various types of folding turnover box molds:

1. Material and mould steel

When high-strength, high-density PP is used as the material, it is recommended to use 2738 as the mold steel, which has uniform hardness, superior processing performance and polishing performance, and the manufactured turnover box is more durable. In addition, P20, DIN1.2316, 718H, S136 and other steel materials are also available.

2. Interchangeable design

For all kinds of turnover box molds, we not only have high quality requirements, but also need better interchangeable designs, such as height interchangeability, weight interchangeability, grid interchangeability, and handle interchangeability to help customers reduce maintenance costs.

3. Hot runner system

For different cavities, we use needle valve hot runner system and manifold design to achieve injection balance.

4. Cooling system

The application of copper beryllium can achieve the best cooling effect and greatly shorten the molding cycle.

foldable crate mould foldable crate mould

foldable crate mould foldable crate mould

foldable crate mould foldable crate mould

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