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Nov. 09, 2021

As a cheap, beautiful, and lightweight material, plastic brings us convenience while also bringing pollution, such as the pollution of disposable plastic tableware waste. Under the background of the plastic restriction order, fully biodegradable PLA plastics are widely used in food bags, food boxes, beverages and other packaging materials, as well as in the textile industry. As Micon Mould, which has been involved in the development of PLA molds earlier in China, the PLA injection molds launched can better respond to the market's demand for environmentally friendly tableware under the new situation of global plastic bans.

The PLA injection mold we developed has mature technology. The mold design uses moldflow to simulate the residence time, pressure distribution and uniformity of the raw materials in the runner, evaluates the feasibility of the mold through the simulation results, and improves the mold design and product design. Through scientific mold processing, precise size control is achieved. In addition, we will analyze and improve the actual production feedback to ensure stable production of PLA injection molds.

We have developed a complete set of PLA tableware molds, which have the advantages of wide application range, stable production and high quality, including: PLA knife, PLA fork, PLA spoon, PLA container, PLA bowl, PLA cup, PLA plate, PLA cover, etc., applicable For catering, restaurants, homes, offices, dine-in, picnics and other needs.

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