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What is the difference between S136 and NAK80?

Aug. 01, 2019

In the plastic mould manufacturing process, for plastic products requiring high outer surfaces, mould steels suitable for high polishing are usually required. We use S136 and NAK80, so what is the difference between them?

NAK80 is a hardening steel that has been pre-hardened to HRC38-42, which eliminates heat treatment and never deforms.
S136 requires heat treatment to harden. After hardening and hardening, S136 can reach HRC48-52.

Different properties:
NAK80 is a pre-hardened mirror polished plastic mold steel.
S136 is an air-grade stainless steel with no hardness and a mirror-polished plastic mold steel with anti-corrosion and anti-rust function.

Mirror polishing performance is different:
NAK80 mirror polishing up to grits #10,000-12000.
After the high quality S136 is hardened and hardened, the mirror finish can reach grits #12000-18000.

Corrosion resistance:
NAK80 is not corrosion resistant. If the plastic is corrosive, it cannot be used.
S136 is resistant to corrosion and is not rusting.

Different applications:
NAK80 is mainly used for mirror-polished appearance plastic products, and does not require rust-proof plastic molds, such s flat panel display; video camera; audio equipment; transparent cover and film shell mould etc.
S136 can be used for high-mirror polished plastic products, such as optical mirror plastic products, and plastic molds that require anti-corrosion and anti-rust functions.

Price different
NAK80 price is stable.
S136 price fluctuates greatly, from tens of USD to hundreds of USD a kilogram.

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