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Tips for plastic rattan stool mould manufacturing

Apr. 05, 2019

Plastic rattan chairs and stools are very popular nowadays as it is durable, beautiful and with good texture. If want to produce high-quality chairs and stools, we must ensure that all aspects of the mold are optimized to maximize productivity. As is well known, the smooth surface of daily necessities is an important manifestation of aesthetics. It is dangerous to make the parting line of the chair and stool not smooth. In order to avoid sharp edges, we must pay attention to many aspects in the chair mould and stool mold production process.

rattan stool mould

What is the processing for rattan stool mould making? Simply first, from rough machining to steel hardening, after steel hardened, we start the CNC milling. We will leave a tolerance of 0.3mm under normal conditions, and then wait the steel stress released, we start the finish machining. Machine operation is very important. Two points need note: 1. we need cool the area where needs CNC milling. 2. we must ensure that the depth cannot be greater than 0.08mm during each cutting process. All of this is to prevent the steel from deforming after the CNC milling and hardening of the steel. Deformation can cause inaccurate assembly of the core and cavity, which can result in a large amount of manual work on the mould.

rattan stool mould

Our chair mould and stool mould advantages:

Maximum cooling, straight to chair and stool surface to achieve excellent cooling performance;

Wear plates with hardness HRC45 above added maximum, guarantee long life chair and stool mould without flash problem;

Perfect parting line, ensure an excellent appearance.

 rattan stool mould

We make the abundant cooling circuit directly to the product surface part, to greatly shorten the molding cycle time, realize your fast chair and stool injection molding.

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