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Stacking cutlery mould

Aug. 02, 2019

The stacking mould has two ways: the mould not rotating and the mould rotating. There are two main types of rotary mould technology: rotary mould technology and mould technology with built-in rotary mechanism. It is characterized by the simultaneous injection of two components, which greatly shortens the production cycle of the product. In addition, the hot runner multi-layer injection mold can fully utilize the capabilities of the injection molding machine, save manpower and equipment resources, and greatly improve production efficiency.

Different from conventional molds, the cavity of the multi-layer injection mold is distributed on two or more layers in an overlapping arrangement, which is equivalent to stacking multiple mold stacks. The most common two-layer molds are usually mounted back-to-back by two single-layer molds, which are typically held synchronously by gear and rack mechanisms.

Generally, when the injection molding machine is used in combination with a conventional mold, the injection amount and the mold opening stroke of the injection molding machine are only used at a rated temperature of 20% to 40%, and the performance of the injection molding machine is not fully utilized. Compared with conventional molds, the two-layer mold has nearly 100% improvement in production efficiency compared to the standard mold, and the mold clamping pressure is only about 10% larger than the standard mold. Significantly increased equipment utilization and productivity, and reduced injection molding costs.

Multi-layer injection molds are best suited for forming large flat parts, shallow cavity shells, small multi-cavity thin-walled parts, and parts that require mass production.

The double-layer mold technology can also produce two different products at the same time, for example, the first layer mold produces one product, and the second layer mold produces another product. These products can be the same or different materials, the same color or different colors. And many other combinations. For example, a first layer of injection molded container cover can be realized by using a stacked mold, and a second layer of mold can be used for injection molding of the container body.

stacking cutlery mould

stacking cutlery mould

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