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Plastic toilet cup mould maker from China

Mar. 29, 2019

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Plastic toilet cup mould maker from China

Household commodities are widely used. Every moment will come out a new household product. If want to make new plastic product come true. It has to need make plastic mould. Injection molding is the most widely technology for most of plastic products nowadays. The injection cup moulds we made for producing water cup, plastic mug cup, water bottle, drink cup, measuring cup, toilet brush holder etc. 

The mould steel commonly use is S45C, P20, 718, H13, S136, 2316 etc… As per customer’s budget and requirements, each cost will be different. Of course the mould life is different. 

 toilet brush cup mould

We use 3D measuring machine to get accurate dimensions based on the provided cup sample. If you need to make same, that’s no problem. Our designers also can make three dimensional designs according to your sketch or 2D drawings. Everything will be updated to you, until you say it is ok. Our experienced plastic mould designers make all mould designs with the best optimized mold water channel arrangement and the best cycle time performance consideration.

Our machines run 24 hours every day to make sure all project get done in time. The plastic cup mould manufacturing process including sizing (milling/grinding etc)—cooling lines drilling—CNC rough finishing—heat treatment—CNC fine finishing—Sparking EDM—Wire EDM (wire cut)—polishing—final fitting assembly—Inspection—trial testing—correction/or modification—delivery/shipping which will take much time. There is Chinese saying that good thing needs waiting. We have a lot of work to do, and we have to work slowly so we don't make a big mess. But that doesn’t mean we have excuse to delay the delivery time. We have strict time control to complete the job. 

 toilet brush cup mould

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