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Plastic tableware mould maker in China

Mar. 28, 2019

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Mirror polishing for plastic tableware moulds

It is very important for transparent tableware to have excellent surface finish. To meet this requirement, the plastic tableware moulds need use the best quality of steel. The hardness is one of the important factors. The higher the hardness of the die steel, the better the mirror polishing performance. The combination of mirror-polished plastic molds must have corrosion and rust resistance. Another factor is the polishing technology. Polishing is best done with diamond paste. Special polishing tools should be used for each polishing particle size. Commonly we use H13, S136 for tableware moulds. Mirror-polished plastic mold steel the hardness can be heat-treated to a mold steel of more than HRC 50, which ensure a very good polishing standard.

 crystal tray mould

H13, this is a harden steel which is commonly used in plastic injection moulds, requires to make the heat treatment, normally the hardness is with 48-52HRC. Mold life can be up to 1 million shots. 

S136, this is stainless steel, Corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant. After long-term use of the mold, the surface of the cavity still maintains the original smooth state. No special protection is required when the mold is operated or stored in a humid environment. Hardness HRC48-50 after heat treatment. Mold cost is higher than H13.

 crystal tray mould

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