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Plastic stool mould manufacturer

Dec. 20, 2016

Micon Plastic Mould is a professional high quality plastic stool mould manufacturer,  it is one of the most popular plastic stool moulds exporter,  and also one of the biggest high quality and best precision mould factory in China. We keep improving how to benefit our clients and help them achieve excellent production capacity at fraction of costs. We can provide you with sample that we have produced for customers and quality case, to provide you with the most satisfactory technical solutions.

The detail information of stool mould made by Micon Mould 1. No. of cavity: Usually the No. of cavity is one because of the big size of the stool.

2. Steel: We provide many kinds of stool mould steel for customer to choose, such as P20, 718, H13 and so on. Good steels are the basis of long life of moulds and high quality of products. All the steels we provide are made by famous steel manufacturers at china and abroad.

3. Heat Treatment and HRC: We commission professional company for heating processing. Different technologies are employed in different components and steels to assure better polish and long usage. The Hardness of core and cavity of stool mould can reach HRC 32-36 after pretreatment.

4. Processing: All components are processing by CNC lathes and the assembly work of stool mould is finished by the makers with rich experience over 10 years.

5. Mould shots: Stool mould shots can reach at least 30 million with good steel, reasonable heat treatment and precise processing.

6. Cycle time: 30-40S

plastic stool mould

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