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Plastic backpack buckle mould maker

Mar. 29, 2019

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China plastic backpack buckle mould maker

 Plastic backpack buckle mould maker

Plastic quick release buckles are widely used as pet collar buckles, belt buckles, webbing buckles backpack buckle and general bag buckles. It comes from multi-size. The plastic backpack buckles are made by injection mould. As a plastic mould maker, we make all kinds of plastic buckle moulds. Per customer’s budget and requirements, we suggest suitable steel to make the buckle mould. If have big quantity market demand, we can use good steel which can ensure the mould life to get more shots. The steel we use normally include S45C, 718, H13 etc for the buckle mould.

 Plastic backpack buckle mould maker

We always keep in mind that mould quality is our life. Only the best quality of plastic mould can let customers trust us. 

We can quote you plastic backpack buckle mould cost for reference if interested. 

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