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  • How to avoid plastic mould deformation

    Plastic molds are an important tool for the production of plastic products. They can give the plastic products a complete configuration and precise size. When the plastic mold is deformed, it will dir...

    Nov. 11, 2018
  • How to extend the plastic mould life?

    Plastic mould manufacturing is a step from design, processing, assembly, adjustment, correction and finally can be put into practical use. What will influence the mould life? 1. Mould steel The ...

    Aug. 10, 2018
  • Preheating tips for plastic cap moulds

    The cap mould should be preheated before test. There are two methods for preheating the mould. The first is to use the cooling water in the mold itself. There are mold warmers at home and aboard that ...

    Jul. 25, 2018
  • Injection mould cooling water leakage fault and its elimination

    Injection mold cooling water leakage is a frequent occurrence, for many reasons, mainly in the following areas. 1.Most occur in the mold cooling water pipe joints, if have water leakage, should use...

    Mar. 6, 2017
  • How to solve the problem with plastic injection moulding—bubbles

    Bubbles (or voids) are a phenomenon in which air bubbles are left inside the  molded product. In the case of transparent molded products such as lenses or  prisms, bubbles become external ap...

    Feb. 22, 2017
  • Mold stripper plate and ejector pin

    Stripper plate is commonly used in plastic mold ejector mechanism, the other is ejector pin. Stripper plate push forward the parts rim when molding, the parts depart from the mold. When should we use ...

    Feb. 3, 2017
  • Why there is welding mark on plastic injection products?

    I: Causes: 1-1 the cooling solidification of the front part of molten material 1-2 the volatilized material is sealed 1-3 there is mold release agents in cavity II: Links: 2...

    Jan. 18, 2017
  • Mold Operation - check the plastic injection mold before trial test

    1. For injection molding, the mold cavity surface should be chromed and embalmed. 2. Plastic parts should not have obvious and big acute angle, large and medium-sized mold should be lifted by hangi...

    Jan. 15, 2017
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